Common Questions
What is included in your stacked log home package?
What other services do you offer?
What wood types do you offer, what sizes and where do your logs come from?
Are your logs graded?
What is the moisture content of the logs you use?
Do you ever build using dead standing logs?
Explain the difference between a handcrafted log home and a milled log home?
How much per square foot?
Is freight included in the price of a log shell package?
Design Questions:
Can I make changes to your floor plans?
What if I have my own plans or ideas?
What is the design process to get what I want?
Which comes first, buying my land or designing my home?
What factors can reduce the impact on my budget?
Are log homes designs limited by the length of a log?
Is a Structural Engineer required?
Building Questions:
Do you offer turnkey service?
Does my general contractor need to be a log builder?
What kind of foundation does a log home require?
Where does the plumbing and wiring go?
What is the insulation value of the log walls?